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my old bad habits have made friends with my new

onwards! better than backwards, you know.

this ficcing of the pod variety, i am liking it. here are some more.

Ascalon Part 1 (mp3) @23 min
Ascalon Part 2 (mp3) @21 min

and! for those of you who have followed me this far:

Gravitation (mp3) haren/harden, @12 min, originally posted 4 september 2005

Vegas (mp3) mulder/zito, @16 min, originally posted 21 november 2004

as far as the faulty internet, what with only about eleven minutes of upload time, it means if the story is five thousand words or less, i can probably get it up without having to go to the cafe (heh, 'get it up'), but, as you all know, five thousand words is like the equivalent of a drabble for me. but! there are like a hundred a's stories. they weren't all epic. if there are any shorter ones you'd like to hear, let a kid know.

right! on we go.
Tags: harden/haren, mulder/zito, podfic, sam/dean
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