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need $ to build an ark

the solution to all our problems is to drive for days in no particular direction

5/31/25 03:58 pm - all the cool kids have a master fic list


Major League Baseball Real Person SlashCollapse )

SupernaturalCollapse )

Sherlock HolmesCollapse )

Beatles RPSCollapse )

Stargate AtlantisCollapse )

The West WingCollapse )

The O.C.Collapse )

Sports NightCollapse )

MiscellaneousCollapse )

PodficCollapse )

9/9/11 11:46 pm - the gypsy was right

Couple weeks ago I made some mildly clever aside along the lines that a Crosby/Harden fic set in 2011 would be angstier than the angstiest Wincest fic, and some bad-influencing anon had to go and enable me! Hmph.

have mercyCollapse )

8/29/11 02:10 pm - as far back as you can go

Being frighteningly awesome, petite_madame was kind enough to include my story Last Day on Earth in her calendar wallpaper project, and hence made some most-amazing art!

It is REALLY FREAKIN GOOD, too. I cannot easily put words to how good! And putting words to things is generally my raison d'etre. Go check out the art, and make sure you tell her about the awesomeness.


Couple of days ago, my buddy who is a former rock n roll roadie gave me 10 CDs jam-packed with Beatles bootlegs, including such marvels as Ringo Starr's privately recorded birthday message for John in the '70s, and the Get Back session demos, when "I've Got a Feeling" was still two songs and "Jealous Guy" was "Child of Nature." I was listening to I'll Be on My Way, an early Lennon/McCartney track that they gave to Billy J. Kramer and never released on an album until 1994, and I actually kinda teared up, like it was the first time or something. Just those voices together again, and it feels exactly the same as coming home.

Sometimes I think I should give the Beatles up for a couple of years, restrict myself from them (no more watching every video on youtube, no more putting on 'Abbey Road' when it's cold and rainy, no more nights of weed and 'Yellow Submarine' or ketamine and 'Magical Mystery Tour'), if only so that I could have time to miss them, and come back to them. But then I contemplate a year or two without the Beatles in my life, and my blood, it chills.


On the baseball front, I keep telling myself that last year at this time, the Giants were six and a half games out, and that worked out okay. Of course last year was an insane magical time of joy and glory forever, and also we had Buster then. My hopes remain eternally high, however. I didn't know that it would feel like this, that once your team has won it all, you have a whole year of grace in which, no matter how bad things get, you are still the champions of the world. Can't take that away.

Will Barry Zito ever again pitch in a San Francisco Giants uniform? Man oh man. Don't think me faithless, but jesus christ, I hope not.

7/18/11 04:44 pm - if whiskey don't kill me

lord i don't know what willCollapse )

7/8/11 04:31 pm - quiet at night

Warnings for 'Buy You a Mockingbird'Collapse )

5/31/11 03:48 pm - second verse same as the first

and yet more podfic!


Manhattan for Beads mp3, 1:02:28, Sam/Dean
(the whole story this time!)


The Bloodiest Single Day mp3, 15:11, Bumgarner/Posey

Untitled (Mexico) mp3, 12:34, Crosby/player to be named later

5/30/11 01:37 pm - sending good vibes eastward



Untitled (National Cheerleading Championship) mp3, 7:01, Mulder/Zito

The Comeback Kid mp3, 40:47, Zito/Lincecum

The Code mp3, 1:08:11, Zito/Lincecum


The Mother Road mp3, 21:14, Sam/Dean

Manhattan for Beads mp3, 59:32, Sam/Dean
*aw, this one is all screwed up! I'll fix it and repost in a day or two. Apologies for the tease.

Sherlock Holmes

The Offensive of Charm and Fire mp3, 24:14, Holmes/Watson

enjoy, mes amis.

5/27/11 01:00 am - i don't wanna stay young

Yes I was at that game last night, and it was honestly one of the single most painful baseball experiences of my whole life. They score three in the ninth to pad the lead, we score four in the bottom half to tie it up, obviously magic team will win another game in magic fashion and then: Buster. Face-down in the dirt.

So this was written swiftly and shoddily as a palliative for my broken heart. It's worked before.

and always be just hanging aroundCollapse )

5/19/11 05:32 pm - if my prayer be not humble, make it so


5/19/11 05:24 pm - let me forget my right hand

Firstly, are people able to see my master fic list? Because I cannot! When I attempt it, I get this completely unhelpful message:

Error running style: Died in S2::run_code running EntryPage::print(): Method called on null Link object at 'A Sturdy Gesture' (#19871) line 383 at /home/lj/src/s2/S2.pm line 501

I'd rather not delete and repost it (though I do have the whole master list saved on a doc, because I try to learn from my mistakes), as there are a bunch of awesome comments of people saying hi and discussions and such. Any help y'all can offer is incredibly appreciated.

*edited six hours later, with a shiny new journal style! Which is actually the default style when you click on a link, which is fine as far as readability, yes? It seems to have restored the master fic list, and changing it back to the other style kills it again, so I guess we will just be rolling with the punches here.

And then!


4/1/11 01:27 pm - make a midnight run

across the river to south londonCollapse )

4/1/11 01:25 pm - never knew me a better time

and i guess i never willCollapse )

3/26/11 10:44 am - dreamin bout those dreamy eyes

fic of the pod variety! fic of the regular variety hopefully to shortly follow. (if there is not a new SGA fic up within a week, send in a damn rescue party because i will be totally lost.)

Sherlock Holmes podfic
A Terribly Poor Understanding of Love mp3, 1:23:55

Supernatural podfic
How to Survive in the Woods mp3, 56:37

MLB podfic
Boy Room mp3, 28:49
text (second story in post)

More Funny-Looking Than Usual mp3, 34:46


long story to tell you guys about phoenix, where once you win the world series, everywhere you go is home turf, but that's gonna have to wait for later because right now hashbrowns and a young man named for a forgotten president await me on the corner.

2/17/11 01:17 am - modestly waiting for a bus

Um, hi there. I am showing up like five years late to Stargate Atlantis; hopefully this is still fashionable. All thanks to Netflix Watch Instantly, as I am halfway through Season 3 (last episode watched was 'Sunday'--hold me, new fandom), and going strong. And then, inevitably, there was fic.

arcade fire already used its proper titleCollapse )

2/12/11 12:32 am - ain't that close to love

Within like a week of finishing Strays, the incredibly obvious occurred to me in form of the question: where the hell is Billy Beane in the hooker AU that features every other regular?

I mean, let's be real. Rentboy!Zito. Billy freakin' Beane. This is one of those things that existed tangibly in the world long before I ever got around to writing it down.

ain't that poster loveCollapse )

1/16/11 11:36 pm - moats and boats and waterfalls

alleyways and pay phone callsCollapse )

1/16/11 11:30 pm - sets my heart a-reeling

from my toes up to my earsCollapse )

1/16/11 11:26 pm - through early morning fog i see

visions of the things to beCollapse )

1/16/11 11:22 pm - and i just blame everything on you

hi there! i got a hella long supernatural fic for y'all, hope you are in the mood.

at least you know that's what i'm good atCollapse )

12/21/10 04:42 pm - did every little thing you asked me to

hey i just drove (well, split the time with my bro) from san francisco to boulder (the southern route to avoid the snow), and that took 25 hours, and now i am a mere shell of a beck, tired and shaky and hopped up on five-hour energies and all.

and, because nothing can ever go right, i've been unable to get my laptop connected to my 'rents' internet, a truly dispiriting eventuality considering all i wanted to do upon arriving was collapse to the floor in a shower of christmas cookies, and watch 'arrested development' on netflix.

oh but instead. 'aladdin' on the disney xd channel. my mom's huge ridiculous desktop computer from 1998. erasing the history every time i do anything fannish. alas, alas.

so, i'm probably going radio silent until after new year's, information for you (ify). if i am deplorably late (more deplorably late) with answering comments, now youse know why.

luckily, it is christmas! there was a little kid in the last gas station wearing a santa hat and reaching new heights of adorability. i turn mini candy canes into spears and christmas cookies into ninja throwing stars. bells jingle and kris kringles and so forth.

i've just listened to 1300 miles of terrible hokey christmas songs. let's go see how loud my parents' stereo can play iggy pop.

12/9/10 11:00 pm - trade your heroes for ghosts

Okay, you guys. Here is the deal. The . . . situation, if you will (oh god).

I disclaim everything in advance by saying that I was FREAKIN' DARED by someone who KNOWS WHO SHE IS. And, unfortunately, also raised to never turn down a dare.

But, so. I have written wing!fic and OT3 fic and highschool!AU and hooker!AU and random!psychopath AU, and even that one half-finished vampire fic. Look at all the incest stories! Surely nothing fictional could faze me anymore.

Never have I been so self-conscious about posting a story, that is the god's honest truth.

Oh dear.

It's a Jersey Shore fic. (YES I KNOW.) It's Vinny/Mike, you guys.

(forgive me.)

like getting inside the head of a serial killerCollapse )

11/16/10 11:29 am - for your listening pleasure

fics of the pod variety, because it has been too long.

Above Us Only Sky mp3, John/Paul, 8:13

How You Were Diverted mp3, John/Paul, 29:18

Seven Flights mp3, Haren/Lowry, 10:58

Bound to Happen mp3, Zito/Hudson, 17:27

Space Travel mp3, Sherlock/John, 34:07

11/12/10 12:20 am - please don't wake me

no don't shake meCollapse )

11/3/10 09:43 pm - heart given to a good cause

you remember that time we won the world series?Collapse )

10/26/10 05:45 pm - yeah i know it's stupid

but i just gotta see it for myselfCollapse )
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